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Hello Traveler!

Welcome to your new favorite place to get all your tabletop minis.

Roll Initiative!

Do you like to drop in as many encounters as you can for every campaign? Do you love testing your players HP in dungeon crawls? Any excuse to cast fireball with reckless abandon?

DnD Classes Example, Illustration, Front View.

Which of the 14 Dnd classes is best for you?

  • Do you like hitting things?
  • Do you enjoy the idea of being so furious that your blows become more powerful?
  • Would you like to have big muscles?
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What is the fantastic world of DnD and how do you play?

What is the fantastic world of DnD and how do you play?

To start playing Dungeons & Dragons, you will need a few things. First, you need at least one friend to play with. You can play solo, but the game is not designed this way and it makes it much harder to enjoy your time playing. Second, you will need your imagination. If you have played video games where there is a large amount of story and dialog (like Fable, Bioshock, Skyrim) then you already have the right mindset for playing D&D.
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